Video Interview: Attorney Adrian Hunte Answers Your Liquor License Questions

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Today, we have a special treat for you today.  I was able to tear Mrs. Hunte away from her busy schedule for a 20 minute Skype Video Conference.

In this video, the questions were based primarily on search phrases that drove traffic to this site and to

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01:48 Can you get a liquor license without a C of O (Certificate of Occupancy)?

Letter of No Objection explained

2:46 What is a Class C New York Liquor License?

Class C-O versus Class C explained

4:10 How to obtain a Wholesale Alcoholic Beverage License in NYS

5:33 Price of liquor permit

6:39 Liquor license for members-only club

8:30 Legal Disclaimer About this Video

9:40 Can I get a liquor license in New York if I have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor?

11:30 How quickly can I get a temporary liquor license?

13:07 Differences between licensing process in New York and New Jersey

14:18 200 and 500 foot rules explained

16:45 Closing comments and some advice from Adrian Hunte

17:44 One Last Minute Addition: Catering permits explained. – for those with an existing restaurant and without.

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