Why Hire a Liquor License Lawyer

If you have started the process of getting a permit to sell alcohol, you can probably see what a confusing and intimidating process it can be.

Having a Liquor License specialist, especially one who focuses on New York businesses, can cut the time it will take to get your permit, as well as make the whole thing a much smoother and simpler process to deal with.

Furthermore, having an application “expediter” will cut the chances of you being denied, drastically reduce the time it will take for you to get your permit so you can get up and running as soon as possible and take the burden off your shoulders so you can feel a little less stress.

We put the term “expediter” in quotation marks because in reality there is no such thing.  An attorney that specialized in the licensing process will often speed up the process and for that reason is often referred to as an “expeditor.”

Someone who specializes in this area of law will be able to anticipate any problems that may come up along the way, and they will foresee any corrections that maybe needed in your application.  With their help navigating your case, you will get the process done without all of the bumps in the road that can arise when you try to do it yourself or use an attorney that doesn’t focus on this type of case.

If you hire the right lawyer, it can really make a difference in the outcome of your case. You need an attorney that knows how the Liquor Authority in New York State works. This will help to keep your application from being rejected and stop there from being unnecessarily delays.  This person will know how to maneuver his way through and around the red tape.

The short answer is you need a qualified attorney because time is money.  The sooner you get your permit the sooner you can bring in cash.  

An attorney that doesn’t focus on one area of law may not be up to date on current changes that have occurred in the statutes surrounding alcohol licensing. Every case is different and it is imperative that your attorney be updated and aware of what the most current laws so you don’t hit any unnecessary roadblocks.

When you do it yourself , or have an attorney that is unprepared, it is a real possibility that it can take months or over a year to get your application processed and get your business up and running. In most cases you are losing money all this time.

Find an attorney you are feel comfortable with and is well-versed on the law. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and find out what they really know.

It should be pretty clear by now that getting an attorney that specializes in liquor licensing makes business senses.  It most cases you can’t afford not to.

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